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YH125S Navigation lights


1.12,18 or 36LEDs

 100,000 hours LED life

2.256 IALA flash codes

 Adjustable LED intensity

3.High efficient LED driver circuit

4.Over-voltage and over-current protections

5.Reverse polarity protection

6.Lithium battery,fast charge

7.All surface mount technology

8.IP68 waterproof

9.Expanded PTFE provides protection against dust and liquid contaminants along with equalization of ambient pressure for lantem integrity

10.Polycarbonate housing


he YH125S is using the latest high intensity LEDs,with lithium battery and solar modules.The solar modules are angled to obtain maximum sunlight capture,allowing the unit to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight environments.The YH125S can be installed in minutes and requires no operator intervention.The flash characters are easily adjusted onsite by user,and the lantern has a permanent ON/OFF switch for easy storage.The lantern is completely sealed and good waterproof design(IP68).The YH125S has been proven to operate as 2-3+ nautical mile in various low sunlight environments.